Harvest Stage

Hello all,

I am finally have the harvest stage of my purple haze and I noticed that my yield doesn’t really have a potent smell like it did in the early flower stage? I have them hanging up to dry in my grobo right now. Any reasons on the lack of smell? Thank you.


It’ll come out if you do a proper cure :+1:


It took my purple kush literally about 4 months till it had that good smell when curing

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4 months curing? Is that typical?

No clue. It smoked great, but had more of a hay smell, until about 4 months of curing. Now it smells like I would expect it.


I wouldn’t say that’s typical, no, from my experiences around a month or two, I go for the latter. Think of it as if you were making a really good wine that would benefit from aging. But I don’t rush it, I know it’s hard but why “rush” it when you’ve worked so hard to get what you have