Harvest Setting

How difficult would it be to add a setting on the Grobo that gives 48hrs of darkness at the end of the flush - prior to cutting and keeps the air pump running? I’ve always done this and there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to support that last stress to be beneficial. Personally, I would LOVE this as an option.


Proven to increase thc.


That’s been my experience. I also don’t understand why the flush session is 10 days for a DWC system. @bjorn seems like a simple software solution? Or is there something that I’m missing?

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We can extend or reduce flush with the shift stage feature like any other stage, so it’s not locked at 10 days it can be 0 or 30 (or whatever the limit is). Some of mine have been flushed for about 3 weeks, current grow is 17 days with 16+17 being dark.

I either unplug mine during the lights-on hours (relying on my addon airstones with external pump, and A/C blowing at the rear of grobos but no chassis fans running) for those last 2 days or change the light schedule in the app before it flips on/off (which is better then unplugging but it is more work to remember to change the schedule every 8-12 hrs) to make sure it’s always-off for the last 2 days of flush.

I’d like to see it as a built-in recipe and have requested it through the recipe request at some point in the past. :laughing:


Great feedback @Centervillain,

Smart work around @vegetato, that’s probably the best way to get this boost right now. The software team is focused on a massive recipe update that is set to roll out very soon. You may see a dark period in a future update, keep those ideas coming, love to hear them!



I’m thinking of draining the Grobo and going straight to Drying. I’m going to manually fill about 2" of water into the resevior and treat it like a Kratky those last 2 days. I think that should work. Thoughts?


Would expect to come back to a “saggy” plant or for her to be unhappy in some way. She’s been used to having bubbles her whole life…