Harvest now?

So part of my plants tricomes are ready but the other part of plant is not. Can I harvest part of a plant?


That’s a good question, I wonder if it would stress or stunt the plant?

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Very nice by the way.

I have only taken Top Ready Buds From Indoor Soil Grows that were finished it allows lower half to finish as long it doesn’t take longer then a week…I let one plant that was done up top and let lower half wait about a two week to finish. Weird stuff started happening like it was trying to regrow on top of the bud so I cut them down right then and there


Thanks guys that helps. I switch to flush in two days so I’ll check it then and if it needs longer I’ll just cut the bottom couple off and let the other ones go for a week more so no weird shit grows out of it :+1:

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You absolutely can take parts of the plant that finish first. It will also help the plant focus energy on the remaining sites. Good luck :+1::v:


Thanks man I’m harvesting some tomorrow!

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So here are my Girl Scout Cookies on start of week 4 of bloom! Just going crazy! Well I got two 600w visparspectum in my 4x4 tent and this is the first go with it! I hope I get at least 6oz out of this if not more. They look solid for this time but we shall see in 6 weeks, wow!


You might want to wait until after flush to harvest.

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