Harvest Dry Mode

So just checked on the harvest few still feel damp others fill Lil crispy any tips… also I unlocked the grobo now it won’t lock or turn off the light help the light is blinking blue


On one of my units sometimes the lock doesn’t drop down from the recessed hole after unlocking. I use a small flat head screwdriver to tease the latch out of the slot hole.

If that’s not the issue then a power cycle would be the next step.


Power cycle it is

Is it back to normal now? When I dried my 2 grows one took the full 5 days and the other was like 4. How’s the rh% in your box? Nice harvest btw!

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Cool back to normal. thanks for the quick response

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Hope I’m doing this right following you guys an tutorials now in day 5 of 5 will check them later in today

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Damn can’t believe I missed that question not sure how to check that or what that mean the humidity I’m waiting on a few things to check all that I believe