Happy christmas and new year

hi every one.

happy christmas and new year i n advance to all of you and especialy to Grobo workers.

mey Grobo be the preferred home growing system in 2017 and on…

have a wonderful hollyday and keep the good work going.

all the best…

gilad (who already perchused his Grobo and now waiting impatiently to start growing!!)


Thanks for the well wishes and holiday cheer Gilad! Things are really heating up around here, can’t wait to get you growing…

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Thank you! Happy holidays to you too! Can’t wait to get a Grobo to your home :slight_smile:

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((#ILoveChristmas))… :christmas_tree::herb:


Oooooh what’s the cyber Monday sale going to be for

Dun dun duh

Will I buy a second Grobo :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to smoke mine to test first before I buy a 2nd.
But would be nice

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