Growing with a Grobo

Good Morning AG,

I’m pleased to share that I have recently wrapped up my first grow, here are a few details!

Strain: Chemdawg (seed was from a bag)
Dried bud weight: 31 grams (no training or topping used)
Sweet Leaf/Larf weight: 10 grams

MY food for thought

Think back to the first time you came across the Grobo, can you recall exactly what you first thought? The first thing I said to myself was the future is much cooler than I remember reading about as a child, I recall seeing flying cars, and “advanced” (smart) cities, never thought we’d have ourselves a personal robotic cannabis grow houses, but here we are! I never really thought I would actually purchase the Grobo. I mean think about breaking the news to your wife/husband who are have no experience/strong negative views towards cannabis, it could be a deal breaker for some, so you can imagine how I thought my conversation may go, but to my surprise my wife was very supportive of the investment.

When I originally made my order back in April of 2017, I recall my excitement thinking I’m going to grow my own medicine in my guest room without fear of mess, battling the elements of mother nature and very little thinking. Here we are one year later and I’m happy to be reporting about my first successful harvest, the priceless knowledge and experiences gained with my Grobo. That success didn’t come without its fair share of hurdles throughout, but with the help of the entire Grobo Team and working diligently with @Stephen we were able to adjust accordingly! I know looking back I wanted this machine to work with a true hands off approach, but looking back these failures that I experienced led me to a deeper appreciation for all that goes into the Grobo technology and engineering.


  • Little to no mess
  • Thinking is done for you (to a degree)
  • Controlled environment (to a degree)
  • Cool fucking design
  • Overall footprint is very desirable for homes
  • Prebuilt library of recipes
  • Water Sensor Shield and Drying Rack


  • Fan Noise (very loud, I know they were working on adjusting the algorithm, but no updates)
  • Fluid Glass (I’m on my second door and both doors have experienced the same failures)
  • Carbon Filter (I know this is a key concern internally)
  • Reservoir Air Pump (still awaiting updated information)
  • Application Interaction (lack of user notifications of when malfunctions, offline, sensor, etc. occur)
  • Dry Mode - When selecting you are prompted to go through a setup of the Grobo as if you were starting a new grow (filling reservoir, adding nutrients, etc.) should just take you direct to the main “My Grobo” page.

So, I want to encourage anyone else out there who may be experiencing frustrations with similar failures just be patient (I hate hearing that shit too) these guys are busting their asses to bring us the best! As I see this forum begin to grow, the amount of knowledge being shared throughout is exciting and promising for Grobo and their vision.

The cannabis! Yes! First, I did not expect the bud to shrink down to the size they did once the drying was over! Again, I’m a noob when it comes to this matter and it was quite the undertaking after I had some time to really take it in. LMAO. Nonetheless, I’m beyond proud of myself! I grew my own fucking medicine! The smoke itself was very smooth and I can tell immediately the difference in terms of quality compared to my local stuff. As for the high, I’ve enjoyed the full body experience presented. I just wish I had more!

More will be here, Grow 2 has officially started! I will be taking another approach with Chemdawg to beat my previous yield and test my low stress training skilling!

@bjorn I would like to personally thank you for all that you have done since we first started our dialogue late last year. We’ve had an opportunity to personally meet (hand delivered Grobo) and it was a wonderful experience that I will always deeply appreciate. To you and the entire Grobo Team, thank you for all of the accommodations you have made throughout this experience, you guys truly have set the bar!

@Chris, @OGJ, @bruno, and @Robyn thank you all for your correspondence and help with troubleshooting my unit throughout my first grow!

@Stephen I don’t know where I would be without you, sir! I know I’ve said thank you a million times, but I truly cannot thank you enough for all of your help, time, and knowledge! You were instrumental in my success with my plant and I am thankful for all that you have taught and shared with me! I look forward to this next grow and seeing where we can take it!

Good luck to all of the AG growers out there!

Thank you Grobo!



@Rich thank you for your super detailed responses and also having the courage to confront the grobo team (nicely) because I too feel the same about a lot issues you raised and I as well feel amazed that I have a beautiful piece of equipment to grow. I as well have an issue with my air pump and am awaiting help. Could you show what you did in the meantime to fix the issue.

Congrats on your first grow looks nice and chemdawg is a favorite … my first grow will be with a strain called war heads from a local breeder but it is too a strain of chemdawg x dawgsauce…

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Thank you for your honest thoughts about the Grobo One - we take this feedback to heart and you can bet that we’re doing our best to make the Grobo growing experience better at every step of the way

I’m excited for your second grow! What are you going to do differently this time around @Rich?




@Rich thanks for taking the time to write this.
I bought in quite early (August 2016?) for a lot of the same reasons you did.

As you know I’ve experieces some issues as well, but the support from the Grobo team has been excellent. I definitely feel like they all fully stand behind and believe in their product, which makes me feel a lot more confident.

Can’t wait to hear about second grow.


Thanks for sharing @Rich
I thought I read somewhere that the drying g rack is not needed for all strains…what’s the deciding factor for this @Stephen

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Hi ToddYYC,

I’d advise using the drying rack for all cannabis dry modes. Not all plants require drying in this method (tomatoes, peppers, etc) but all cannabis can benefit from the drying rack.



High @Rich

Hows the curing working out for you? How was the final product? Inquiring minds and all that. :wink:


@Azuri, with this being my first grow I was watching the plant like a hawk and the drying was one of the tricker parts of the grow (IMO) you really need to check the buds every 12-18 hours and give the buds a touch. Overall, it seems to have done the job completely in about 2.75 days for most of the buds with a few needing some additional time.

The smoke itself was really a surreal moment realizing I had grown the plant and in the same respect I was on another planet. Lmao. I was gone for a few minutes there and it slowly began to bring back to earth and I was in a very euphoric state.

I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s results! This has been exciting to see all the growth amongst the AG community.



We have life at Day 5!

As for training, I will look to (at minimum) topping the plant and possibly incorporate the drying racks into some LST (still undecided). Any recommendations?


@Rich I was wondering how you were going to do training ? Trellis net ? Or low stress training like scrog ? If you do lst how will you be towing the branches down since the coco pod holder isn’t really
Magnetic or have slots to tie anything too … and much props on the first grow I’m excited to be able to smoke my own ish too


Hey @Rich,

I hear you, curing / trimming is as important as growing it. If you don’t give your harvest the curing love it requires, you’re going to be hard pressed to meet the quality you expect that you get currently from dispensaries.

I haven’t grown in years but thanks to getting a Grobo it’s rekindled a green thumb in me again.

Good luck on the next grow!


@Rich so excited for your next grow. Are you doing the Chemdawg again? From what I’ve learned and experienced in the grow room (Thanks to @Stephen :wink: ) topping, if executed at the right times, is the easiest way to get more bang for your buck from your plant. Thanks to the new notification system you’ll get a message (email and and an in-app message) of when you should execute your tops.

Given the size of the Grobo, I find that topping once in early-mid grow and then topping again in mid-late grow gives you 4 strong colas. You could try doing one more top if you’re comfortable with it, thus giving you 8 colas, but I wouldn’t suggest doing anymore than that (remember that there’s diminishing returns given the total time to grow the plant vs. all the Low Stress Training (LST) you do to the plant)

Let me know how it goes!




@Chris will there be videos or literature made and further teaching of how to top, lollipop, and Lst, or will it be covered by the notifications?


@chris_barfield great question - I could have sworn we had a picture guide or a video on various LST techniques. I’ve pinged our marketing team about making these videos for you all ASAP


Hey @Rich

If I may, I would suggest some LST if you want to avoid snipping, cutting, supercroping. Using these magnetic hooks linked below you can use garden tie backs to expose the colas to your light pulling back either the veg away from the light and bud sights. You can rig these things all over the inside of your Grobo and credit to someone else here for this idea. (Sorry forgot who, but great idea) You can use zipper ties to connect the magentic loops. You can even use your drying racks to LST some plants.


So been doing a lot of research on the grobo decided to make the purchase…but I am very concerned that this machine may be to loud for my needs I am trying to grow stealth mode…I do t want roommates to be able to hear my grobo from other parts of the house other then my room…this is very concerning to me has there been any updates for that issue?


It sounds like kind of a refrigerator when it runs it’s cold cycle lmao if that makes sense or if you have ever payed attention to that


Terrific dialogue, and…

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Johnny keep the door closed it’s in. It will sound like a gaming heavy PC once all the fans get going