Growing Tips

Hi :fist_right:

Why is it that if grobo who have all my grow info sent to them yet they cannot keep pace/inline with my grow if I retard the grow schedule :thinking:??

Very frustrating if you’ve deleted the previous messages by mistake :flushed:!!

Keep pace/inline with what exactly?

My grow

That’s about as general as you can get. Lighting, nutrients, notifications???

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I think you miss understand me!
I receive growing tips from time to time as we all do

Only if you have retarded your grow it is out of sync with your grow

I don’t know if they are or can even be saved for later reference as I’ve deleted them by accident

I just find it difficult to understand I’f I’m sending information back to grobo why can’t they follow My Grow

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All those tips are pre-programmed by Grobo. The moment you change anything their schedule is off. I agree it’s a nuisance, but I’m pretty sure their thought is “if you know enough to adjust your schedule, you can keep up on top offs and know what you’re doing.”


I Wish :flushed:!:rofl:!:fist_right:!..

I’ll Get Down Now :wink:.