Growers in Turkey!

Hey everyone,

I have some customs issues about my grobo delivery.

Is there anyone who bought grobo in Turkey??


Sorry to hear that. Any updates?

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If u could help me,
I will be appreciated :slight_smile: It is horrible situation.

My grobo is waiting in the customs and they are asking permit for nutrients. Customs wants to send them to test. What can we do about it? This test worth about 2.000 usd. It is ridiculous


@BogyJoker Sorry to hear about your problems with Turkey Customs. If they are wondering about the nutrient bottles and their contents perhaps you could provide them with the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for them. Here is a link to those reports:

I would provide the MSDS to Customs as that should help them identify the contents of the nute bottles.


Hey @BogyJoker,

Chatting with our fulfillment rep @stacey.grobo more about your case and we agree with @miami5th, these MSDS sheets for our nutes should help. We are now including them when we send the Turkey import AT-R form that you already have. Thanks @miami5th!!!



Hey @Stephen

Lots of thanks to u and ur team to redelivery :blush: Nearby I will be a little desperate about this issue.

Im waiting my grobo :heart_eyes:

Much more thanks again to u, ur team and @miami5th of course


Naptın kardeş aldımmı grobonu ??

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Alabildiniz mi urunu ?

@BogyJoker - Following up with you, were you able to get the Grobo through customs? Any other updates you can provide?

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Hi BogyJoker,

I was planning to order Grobo to Turkey, but I am afraid that, I will have the same issue as yours.
But in the past, I ordered plant growing supplies including, tents, nutrients, carbon filter, exhaust fans, etc. from Germany. They sent it via DHL courier company. It was a big box. Anyway, they called me to the Postal Customs in capitol of Turkey. I went there to clear and pick my parcel. But I had the same issue as yours about nutrients, they said that you need permit from Turkish Agriculture Ministry after testing the nutrients. I said, I am willing to pay whole Customs Fees. They said no at first. Then I said, I am going to grow organic Tomatoes or plants, and that is the nutrients are for. I kept pushing, and raised my voice, I was screaming to Customs Officials, and finally they cleared the parcel in Customs, after paying a good amount of Customs Fee.I got my parcel to home, and happy about it. You need to push the limits, and raise your voice, if necessary scream it. Customs may clear the Grobo. Good luck with your Grobo. Customs Officials also told me, if you want we will send it back to sender. This was my experience with Turkish Customs, you need to push bit. I am impatiently waiting to hear, what happened to your Grobo order ? Did they send back to sender ? or did they clear it ?

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