Grow lights help

Looking for a quality LED Quantum light. I only have $100 to $250 to spend. I would like to grow 2 to 3 plants with full canopy penetration. Is this possible with the monies that I have to spend ? I see alot of sellers claim that their light will work. Been ripped-off on current light that I bought through Allibaba…

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Yes you should be able to find LED lights that can cover 2-3 plants with that budget. What are you growing your plants in? what are the dimensions of your grow space?


Thanks Vicc, for the welcome. Grow room is a corner of a room. Plants will be grown in soil. I’ve used t5s before,and didn’t like the results. I’ve read up on the LEDs and read that their is a lot of crap out there. I am hoping that you or someone can help me with a good LED-Quantum brand and how many watts. I’ve been looking at a Visecta or a Mars.Also maybe 1500 to 2000 wat5s…Thanks again


I am not a light expert but my friend who’s a pro grower and also was a light specialist likes spider farmer and uses it for his home grows. I looks like this one would be sufficient for 2-3 plants (2x4 space). You should do your research first but from the online review, it looks like a good pick. I know alot of growers like HLG but they come at a premium price.

I personally have a Mars Hydro and it works just fine for me but again, I am not light expert lol


A friend of mine has this exact LED SF2000 and it works awesome! He originally had one of those low-end blurple box lights but switched to this spider farm panel


I bought a 2000 and 1200 watt king LED full spectrum lights for my 4x4 tent. They are exceptional lights especially for the price. Prob only needed 1 of the 2 but they were priced at a range I just got both of them. Amazon. You will be happy you did


I have a Ts1000, it’s 150 true watts from the wall, using at 50% capacity for veg in my 3x3 and the girls look super healthy. The SF2000 is pricy but probably best choice. Those things are wicked and stealthy.

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