Grow lights changing color? [RESOLVED]

Hi guys,

Just trying to make sure all is well with my GroBo here Gertrude.

Gertrude or ‘Gerdie’ as I’ve taken to calling her is for the first time since I’ve known her (this is my first grow) displaying a color of light which is not purple but rather sea foam green.

I’ve included pictures for reference. The purple shot was achieved by opening the door. Otherwise she has been sea foam green since last night sometime.

Is my ship still on course here? Is this part of the plan? Or… Well I don’t want to really think about the worse case scenario right now…

Thanks in advance for your insight!
Gertrudes friend

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If you hold the button on back on unit it will change colors. It’s so you can see your plant without opening the door. Alternatively you can do the same by pushing the window pane icon to the right of the lock icon on your “my.grobo” app

It went into this mode uninitiated though.

But, thank you for clearing some of that up

That is strange @OhNoGro it should only be that color when draining I’m pretty sure. I’d throw in a support ticket to and have um see what’s going on. Hope this helps-


Something still seems off. I admittedly hadn’t known I could cycle through the colors via the button on the door previously. But now that I know that and have mastered the ability to navigate the grobos settings via the rear button I still seem to be unable to have the unit return to it’s previous standard light configuration.

The only purple hues I am able to achieve occur when the door is translucent as pictured below

Previously I had only ever seen the door translucent purple as the alternate option via the GroBo app “light button”.

Now this seems to be my new normal?

I am going to reboot the thing and see if that won’t help my cause…

Apologies if I am not explaining my issue well enough.


Thanks, will do

Rebooted the unit and all is well.



((#Resolved))… :wink: