Grow journal issues

Just wondering if the latest app update has caused any issues with the grow journal? I’ve tried the last 3 days to update my journal and it won’t load anything i write or pictures i save. Just curious if anyone else is having issues or is my tablet and phone just old and slow… :joy:

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I haven’t yet. But only plopped in one journal. I suspect the recent grobo update caused the issue and now that I think of it could likely be the cause of my pumps not working. They have had updates before that caused certain issues

Hey @Todd.grobo thrown in a ticket for that. I was able to drain and fill yesterday and the nutes did dispense.

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It’s a brand new unit @Azuri on day 9 of growing and it filled so it did work. Likely now the app update.

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Oh so it’s the first complete drain and fill. I’m inclined to think something is disconnectd on your float level sensors since you stated it’s a new unit. App changes had no impact on my drain and fill yesterday and no others of posted of this issue (other then your “new” unit) leads me to an isolated situation on your unit. Keep us posted. :+1: