⛺ Grow - GG#4 / Blue Dream / Hutchcroft **Harvested 636 grams**

Looking awesome!!! Love your setup so excited to watch these guys grow!!

Waiting for a seed to pop from them right now…


I hope you mean girls :sweat_smile: the guys will end up being moved to a breeder friend I’m acquainted with.


Oh yes, I meant the pretty ladies of course!!


Like your set up… if you don’t mind me asking did it set you back a lot on cost


@Time2grow I don’t have my receipt on me but I can definately list estimated costs and where I purchased them. But yes it did cost an arm and leg for all the parts. The automated parts are the most expensive

  • vivosun tent - 4 x 4 x 7: $120 on Amazon

  • Mars hydro ts3000 led light: $450

  • red led bulb: amazon $20

  • blue led bulb; amazon $20

  • vivosun carbon filter x2 ‐ $60 amazon black Friday

  • ac infinity inline fan - $80 amazon

  • vivosun inline fan - $40 amazon 2nd fan and carbon filter as a recirculation scrubber for my grow room

  • 2 humidifier: $25 each amazon

  • dutch leach trays 2x : $30 each, agron.io [you’ll need a business account and license to get wholesale price here]

  • 2 water pump for fertigation and res mixing: $25 each amazon

  • coco bags medium: $2 each black Friday ‐ floraflex.com

  • 10x drip feeder caps: $2.50 each: floraflex.com

  • 2x drip feeder manifold: $30 each floraflex.com

  • flora flex drip tube kits: $30 floraflex.com

  • water tubes 1 3/4" OD: $15 amazon

  • tube connectors $5 amazon

  • co2 tank - $100 amazon / gas about $25 per tank refill / exchage

  • co2 rain line: diy: parts are $10 on amazon. Air tube, t barb fitting

Automated components

  • trolmaster hydro x: $350 Agron.io black Friday
  • tolmaster aqua x: $350 Agron.io black Friday
  • tromaster humidity controller: $45 agron.io
  • trolmaster temp controller: $45 agron.io
  • trolmaster co2 controller: $45 agron.io
  • trolmastet co2 sensor: $150 agron.io
  • trolmaster water sensor: $150 agron.io
  • ph controller already have on hand
  • tds controller already have on hand

I am not gonna list my nutes, too many to keep track and I have gotten like over $1000 of free nutes from various companies and unmentioned sponsors

I think this is the bulk of it, I’ll update the list above when I can think of any other parts. I know hydro gear is a wallet killer :laughing: :poop: if you ever venture into a tent investment, I highly recommend going basic first and doing everything manually so you can understand the manual process before investing anything automated.

Also keep in mind that you have to manage and set up all these parts as part of running a tent. The grobo does make things much easier to manage.


Wow went above and beyond with this list… thanks for taking the time on doing that for me… can’t wait to start my set up


@Time2grow lol I think I was unmedicated when I read your message and my adhd kicked in :laughing:

Double manifold to auto feed 10 at once


I accept the detailed list it’s better than me asking questions later lol I appreciate you … wrote it down and saved it for future use.


Vegetative Phase I (Week 2)

They seem to have acclimated with their new environment well and looking happy.

This is the Canna Custom Feeding Guide that I am using:

What I’m using during Vegetative Phase. (Pulled B-52 since Cannazym has B1 and B2)

I also use Revive and Flora Flex veg as part of foliar feeding every Monday (FloraFlex) and Thursday (Revive).


One day one day :pray:t4:… the green plate, is it to spreads the water evenly within your grow… but they look happy and healthy from where I’m sitting


Yes that’s correct


I love this experiment :microscope:


I added my custom feeding guide above just in case anyone is interested in what she’s eating.


Very nice


Since they were getting bigger and competing for resources, I had to update their formation. I really need to build a flood and drain table, it would make my life much easier


They’re getting big really fast :wink:

Got any plans if you get 100% FEMS? :stuck_out_tongue:


I do :wink:


I decided to build a flood table for the tent. This should make it much easier to manage the plants. Will probably switch from top feed to ebb & flow once my flood and drain kit arrives.

Materials for a 3x3 table to fit into a 4x4 tent, you can always customize the size to fit your needs, but I would always keep a minimal of 18" of height for enough clearance to fit a bucket under the table:

  • Botanicare Low Tide flood tray
  • 2x3 wood:
    • 5x - 36" cuts
    • 8x - 20" cuts (can do 18" - 24" for a 80" height tent)
  • 10x3" wood screws
  • 27 gal tote bin (can do 17 gal for smaller operations or a 5 gal bucket, it will fit under the table)
  1. Screw the 8x 20" cuts into L Shape (these are the legs)
  2. Make Square Frame with 4x 36" cuts
  3. Connect 5th 36" cut into middle of the frame with wood screws
  4. Connect the legs with wood screws


Very cool setup :+1:. The table makes my lower back feel better lol


I know right!?!? :laughing:
I’m growing ganja for my back pain but it’s causing me back pain to grow… the irony.