⛺ Grow - GG#4 / Blue Dream / Hutchcroft **Harvested 636 grams**

i just ordered two of something along the same line! In the tent, i definitely need something that’s a constant monitor i can just look at instead of thinking “hey, i should really check my pH and EC right now.”


After a 36 hour soak, they were transferred into paper towels.

I’m happy to see that so far, Hutchcroft is performing the best, its probably because they are regular seeds (I am told feminized seeds have a much lower germination rate due to the seeds being treated with solutions such as silver nitrate or colloidal silver to feminized them.)

6/8 Hutchcroft opened up
2/4 ILGM - GG4 opened up
1/3 ILGM - Blue dream opened up
0/1 Bagged - Ice Cream Cake still dormant

The reason these strains were selected was because they are all known to stretch around the same height and have the same rate of metabolism so they should be much easier to maintain with a auto feed drip system.


Transferred them into the propagator all but 2 Hutchcroft and 1 bagged Ice Cream Cake spawned tails.
Soaked the coco pods into a starter solution at half strength.


Awesome! Aren’t seeds more responsive the fresher and newer they are as well?


That is also true, there are many different factors.

Older seeds sometimes require some peroxide and sugar in the water to pop.

None of these are old, I could have stimulated more growth by using a heat mat but I didn’t plan ahead and temps were around 72.

Also USPS did stomp on like 1/3 of my seeds during shipment so some of them could have been damaged.


:seedling: progress


Nice! They are shootin up!

Looks like your light might be a little far away though? They are stretching pretty hard? I could be wrong.

Looks great though. Congrats.


bing, bing, bing, up, up, up, it’s like 4th of July over there!


They should be fine. T5s hitting them with 6400-7000 lux depending on height, yes it could be like a bit higher but its still within range. The T5s are directly on top of the propagator. Any tall seedlings will be sowed deeper


The rest of my Black Friday haul arrived.
With my ph controller that I already have, my tent should be automated ready once the next run is fully running


And then they were 10

A few of them didn’t pop. I understood that some of the hutchcroft may have been damaged during shipping as half of them were crushed. My friend sent me 15 and only 8 of then weren’t crushed so they could have been damaged. I’ll get more in a few weeks

Got them transplanted into cups. Going to keep them here for a month or so until the tent is vacant

4 hutchcroft
3 blue dream
3 gg4

Going to keep them under a dome for a bit

Then move them to this vegging area im prepping for them. Just working on getting all the hygrometer and humidifier controls into place before hand


Just a small update. I suspect that the rapid rooters I used were bad since I found gnats in the propagator. They seem to have been doing much better in the cups, 1 of the GG4 doesn’t look so good, but I guess that’s okay since I’ll be looking to thin the herd when flower comes around and keep only the best performers. I started hitting them with a fan, CO2 and added some blue spectrums. They will probably remain in here for another 2 weeks before transplanting and moving into the tent.

I still haven’t gotten around to contacting ILGM around their unpopped seeds. I have a total of 3 ILGM duds now (2 blue dream, 1 GG4). I’ll get to it eventually.

another week later:
After recovering from bad PH, Hutchcroft looks like its starting to look better than the rest of the seedlings. Its stacking very well and tight compared to the rest and has better leaf shape.


Vegetative Phase I (Week 1)

Now that MK Ultra finished up in the :tent:, I was able to find some time (it literally took me 6 hours to tear down, disinfect and set back up) to start week 1 of veg.

I started off with a drain to waste system however I had such a difficult time flushing the coco to the run off down to a stable PH that I ended up building a recirculation system. I am still missing a pump, dripper stakes clips and 1 more tray. So I will need to forego getting the Irrigation automation up and running until I order the parts, which is fine since this is my first time doing coco, might as well learn some of the ropes via manual feeding.

This is also my first time transplanting the seedlings, I hope they make it :pray:

Base: Canna Coco A/B
Calmag: Cal Si Mag
Additives: Hydroguard / B-52 (for stress from transplanting)

Temp: 78-85f
Light: 35k lux (will gradually lower light within the next few days until 55k lux)
CO2: 1000 ppm
EC: 1.4


Cool thing is that I filed a claim for the 3 ILGM dud seeds, they were kind enough to send me a 10 seed pack (5 blue dream / 5 GG4) as a replacement so if you have any ILGM seeds that failed to pop, I highly recommend filing a claim and ask for replacements, take advantage of their 100% germination rate guarantee.


Looking awesome!!! Love your setup so excited to watch these guys grow!!

Waiting for a seed to pop from them right now…


I hope you mean girls :sweat_smile: the guys will end up being moved to a breeder friend I’m acquainted with.


Oh yes, I meant the pretty ladies of course!!


Like your set up… if you don’t mind me asking did it set you back a lot on cost


@Time2grow I don’t have my receipt on me but I can definately list estimated costs and where I purchased them. But yes it did cost an arm and leg for all the parts. The automated parts are the most expensive

  • vivosun tent - 4 x 4 x 7: $120 on Amazon

  • Mars hydro ts3000 led light: $450

  • red led bulb: amazon $20

  • blue led bulb; amazon $20

  • vivosun carbon filter x2 ‐ $60 amazon black Friday

  • ac infinity inline fan - $80 amazon

  • vivosun inline fan - $40 amazon 2nd fan and carbon filter as a recirculation scrubber for my grow room

  • 2 humidifier: $25 each amazon

  • dutch leach trays 2x : $30 each, agron.io [you’ll need a business account and license to get wholesale price here]

  • 2 water pump for fertigation and res mixing: $25 each amazon

  • coco bags medium: $2 each black Friday ‐ floraflex.com

  • 10x drip feeder caps: $2.50 each: floraflex.com

  • 2x drip feeder manifold: $30 each floraflex.com

  • flora flex drip tube kits: $30 floraflex.com

  • water tubes 1 3/4" OD: $15 amazon

  • tube connectors $5 amazon

  • co2 tank - $100 amazon / gas about $25 per tank refill / exchage

  • co2 rain line: diy: parts are $10 on amazon. Air tube, t barb fitting

Automated components

  • trolmaster hydro x: $350 Agron.io black Friday
  • tolmaster aqua x: $350 Agron.io black Friday
  • tromaster humidity controller: $45 agron.io
  • trolmaster temp controller: $45 agron.io
  • trolmaster co2 controller: $45 agron.io
  • trolmastet co2 sensor: $150 agron.io
  • trolmaster water sensor: $150 agron.io
  • ph controller already have on hand
  • tds controller already have on hand

I am not gonna list my nutes, too many to keep track and I have gotten like over $1000 of free nutes from various companies and unmentioned sponsors

I think this is the bulk of it, I’ll update the list above when I can think of any other parts. I know hydro gear is a wallet killer :laughing: :poop: if you ever venture into a tent investment, I highly recommend going basic first and doing everything manually so you can understand the manual process before investing anything automated.

Also keep in mind that you have to manage and set up all these parts as part of running a tent. The grobo does make things much easier to manage.


Wow went above and beyond with this list… thanks for taking the time on doing that for me… can’t wait to start my set up


@Time2grow lol I think I was unmedicated when I read your message and my adhd kicked in :laughing:

Double manifold to auto feed 10 at once