Grow #5: California Dream

Day 104 of 137 (Flowering 38 of 70)

After 4 dud seeds, after trying the Grobo Start (and failing), after the weakest seedling growth ever, Ylva is the first plant I’ve had to supercrop more than twice to become the tallest fu**er I’ve had to deal with using a Grobo.

I’m thoroughly impressed at the resilience of this plant. She recovered quickly from the Topping, Lollipopping and Supercropping I subject all my ladies to.

I decided to forgo usage of Recharge, Hydroguard or any 3rd-party nutrients on Ylva.

NOTE: Ylva has sucked down bottles #3 & #5 like a drunk aunt at a funeral, as in, she’s gone through 1 3/4 bottles of #3 and 1 1/3 bottles of #5, and this is after pH calibration (which I do monthly now). I’ve been using the same distilled water since getting the Grobo unit back in 2019 and thoroughly scrub the water tank after every grow. The next grow should help me figure out what’s up.


Your nute usage is directly connected to the drain and fills you initiate.

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