Grow 1 - Pineapple Express Auto Fem by G13 Labs

I am on day 8 of a 10 day germination period & there is still no sign of a stem or leaf growing as seen in the images. There are some small roots growing from the bottom of the pod and what looks like roots at the top as well.
Should I extend my germination period or any advice as to what I should do?


First off unless u have one of the older Grobo with the sticker in the lid your pod should be level with lid. To prevent dampening off most will raise pod about 1.5-2 inches above the lid. With the pod being that low your seed has probably drown. @Spaceman


I see, I think you’re right. Would I be able to use the same pod for a new seed?

I wouldn’t use same pod but that is me! Definitely don’t want any cross contamination. @Spaceman


I agree, since your seed isn’t doing anything it might be dead in there, which could lead to some bacteria.

Did you take some tweezers and investigate? When my seed didn’t pop, I moved the piece of Coco pod then took tweezers very very gently to pick the seed up. Thought it was a dud, but then realized it popped and had the white root sticking out. Put it back in face down…

This current grow I didn’t have life until Day 6, so sometimes it can take a little longer until the conditions are just right for the seed.

Also, one thing that I feel helps a lot is dropping a few drops of distilled or RO water on top of the seed itself to make sure it’s wet enough to pop.


Thank you guys, I appreciate your feedback. I have started my new grow and made a new post titled “Grow 2 Critical Purple Kush by Seedsman” in the share your grow category if you want to watch my new grow / have any more advice you can give to any problems I run across on my next grow

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