Grobo won't fill [RESOLVED]


Please, can someone give me some help, i can’t fill my grobo nor drain it.

I did a drain and fill 1h ago, it didn’t dispense any nut or anything, and the fill Green light stayed on.

I restarted the unit, attempted another drain and fill, but this time, the fill didn’t work (it says it’s in the process of draining, wich it isn’t, and if I try draining, it says it already done) and the green light (the light, not the status led) is still on.

After 1 restart, I still have the same issue.

Mind you that the plant should be in the dark at that point now, and with water in the res.

Please advice on a solution.

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if its sensor is high enough for the stage it is in it will effect the fill and drain
If the back plate cover those 3 sensors is in some way blocking there movement it will cause the same effect as above.
Check both of them, if no issues, open a ticket at and provide all this info in a cut and paste email and they’ll run some tests on there end to assist. Maybe @stacey.grobo is able to jump in.
I am so going to owe her :slight_smile:


I ended up filling the res manualy yesterday as I had to leave the house at some point. With one last try this morning, I finally got it to dispense the nut.

A few leaves developped little brown spots and started drooping this morning, but i’m guessing it’s coming from not having anything to feed on ?

I really don’t know what happened yesterday, I must have hit a weird edge case in the software. I checked and everything was fine with all 3 sensors at the back.

I’ll open a ticket with support if I ever have the same issue again.


Hey @Todd.grobo thanks for the mention!

@Arn feel free to message us proactively at so we can take a look at the data and determine what happened here.

Happy to help! :seedling: