Grobo wont connect to wifi [RESOLVED]

i tried multiple times, any info

Power cycle your machine, unplug for 30+ seconds. If this doesn’t work hold the button on the back of the machine for 8 seconds, this will put the Grobo into WiFi setup, open the app and follow the setup instructions.

If you have already tried these, open a ticket with support.


hey it wont unlock now and the buttons wont work any info for that lol

i got it but now it wont unlok no buttons are working

Hey @Anthony_Valenti,

Give a shout to our team via email to and we will help you out.


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nvm i got it lol thx for the help tho man

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thx man, i got it tho now, im just dopey lol, im hyped, growing some gorilla glue thx for everything man, u guys have amazing customer service

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