Grobo Warranty

Just for everybody to know , I received a machine in January and have had numerous problems with it . I called to get a refund today and I was told no you don’t get one you have had the box for 8 months …I have also had 8 months of problems with the box .

So warning to all new buyers

@ Stephen …selling a lemon product to a customer knowingly and then telling them to have a nice day and hanging up on them is very unprofessional.

You should be ashamed .


Here’s a little material for you to read

I specifically like this chapter

Hey @Rob,

I understand your frustration and would love to get you fixed up and growing. As I stated over the phone, I’ll bring the unit back, fix it on our dime of course and send it back to you, or help you fix the machine yourself. I’m not able to refund a machine that has been in your home for 10 months, but am more than willing to work to get it running smoothly for you.

I’m closing this thread for now as it won’t help the community further. Let me know if I can help you get the unit running smoothly. I’m available through all of our support channels.