Grobo Wanted in Central NY

I am looking for another Grobo if someone is looking to sell! I am willing to pick it up - or - to keep things safe I’m also willing to meet up at a central location (public area) equally close to the both of us. Must be able to accept cashless transfer like Venmo, PayPal or Zelle etc.

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Still under warranty until November of 2022

Haven’t used anything inside the Grobo besides what it came with no fans etc. Only used it for one grow

Also will toss in some seeds. How much where you looking to spend?

Looking at $1000. I am currently working with someone on another unit as well. I am trying to finalize things with them to see if it going to work out. Why are you getting out of the Grobo? No built in fans came with it on the back panel?

Think he means he didnt add any extras inside the grobo, all grobos come with fans. :eyes::seedling:

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That’s what I figured lol. Dropping a grand with no income is a commitment lol. Also thank you for all the advice you have been giving me. :blush:

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Anytime! No problem, that’s what were here for!
Good luck on the purchase! I see your working hard on your quantity! No One wants to be caught running low! :eyes::seedling:

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No reason at all Grobo was everything advertised. No problems at all or complaints on my end

Just as soon as I bought it . My fiancée family came into the picture with 2 medical shops. Now I get my bud at 90s :fuelpump: price’s or I’m a taste tester :laughing::rofl: every other weekend

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They can into picture around December and I haven’t used it nor the 50 seeds my noob ass had big plans for :laughing::joy:

Is the only reason I would let it go and I’m live Dallas so shipping would need to be discussed

I apologize Sampson39, my other friend came through for me and am no longer needing another one. Thank you so much though! I would love love love to be a tester for a dispensary! My gosh, my pain would be tolerable again & no money spent LOL!

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No problem I still haven’t made up my mind about fully selling it