Grobo Vs HiGrade Microscope

Since I have both the HiGrade microscope and the clip on from Grobo, I figured I would show a comparison of images.


Grobo clip on microscope


Very nice comparison thank you! :eyes::seedling:


Thanks for posting. I am thinking about getting one of the clip-ons at some point… those are some super clear and defined trichomes!

What cell phone do you use if you don’t mind me asking?


iPhone 12 Pro Max. Tech guy. What can I say.


I will say that if you have a case on your phone, you may need a little spacer on the clip side to keep the lens from angling.

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What did you use as a spacer?

I just cut a little piece of foam from the packaging for now.

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Good to know! Figured something like that, but now I know something that has been tried and effective :slight_smile:

I have an iPhone 7 so I’m not sure how good of a pic I’ll get in comparison, but either way, seems pretty sweet.

I have an Otter Box on my phone, so pretty hefty case.

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thank you 4 the post BeeDub! just bought the :groboone: Grobo clip as the resolution on your trichomes look good…the :iphone: iPhone clip will be easier to use and move around compared to my mini-digital scope that’s connected to a laptop :computer:


So the trick is to get a harvested bud and just sit at your table and play with the zoom and focus until you get pretty close. You can’t easily make adjustments on the live plant. Just a couple quick shots. Didn’t take too long to play with it. These are two consecutive shots after making my bud adjustments. Going to take some practice and patience.


Same lol

I found this :wink:!:wink:!

Think it speaks for itself :+1:!:+1:!..

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