Grobo top up confusion

Just set up Grobo and planted yesterday as a true noob. Grobo support has been great, but I need some clarification about topping up the reservoir.

I know I’ll get a notification when I need to change out the water through a drain and fill, but how often do I need to top up? Do I top up to original (high) fill line? Do I use the hose to top up?



Hi Madmax,

Welcome aboard!

When draining or filling the unit, always use the hose attached to the left side of the wall via magnet. This ensures the system doses correctly. For top ups, you will receive a notification prompting you to top up on day 3. The system will fill to the top line for the 1st 10 days, then reduce the water to fight ‘damping off’ and to get the roots to stretch to find the water. Once you are well into your grow, you may need to top up as your plant drinks it’s fill each week, but again you will receive a notification prompting you to do so.



Thank you. Will I also use the hose to top up?

Yep, any drain, fill or top up, use the hose.

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Hey @Madmax

I did my first mid-week top up. (Not the one at 10 days)

There was no notification I used the hose and went to maintenance in the app then used fill option. The Grobo light changed and the fill stops automatically when you reach the line you should be at, can’t go wrong!