Grobo start first grow

Hope all is well with everyone been gone for a sec but didn’t quit working lol. My 3rd try was a fail due to nutrient lock out. Since then I’ve unboxed my grobo start and started a blue haze strain and I’m 8 days in outside of it being a lil leggy everything seems to be looking good.


You can keep the plant upright and support it with a twist tie :+1:


She looks good!
The further away the light source the longer the stem.
If you keep the light low until she reaches it before putting on extension it helps with that.
Some genetics are gonna do what they want in some cases!
When do you plan on transplanting? :eyes::seedling:

I was going to wait until the 3 week mark but it’s doing so go I’m thinking I’m going to do it at the 2 week mark I’m on day 10 as of today

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Since the seedling has roots hitting the water you can remove the wick. At this point we want the peat pod to be drying out.

Be careful when filling the Start. We should NOT be filling it all the way up. Based on a couple of your pics it looks like the pod basket is below the water line and most likely the peat pod is submerged and over saturated. That’s not good. Note the water drops on the bottom of the basket