Grobo start changed its own light cycle?

Hi Growers,

I’ve been noticing that my start has been turning off sooner than it should. It is on the blue setting and it usually comes on at 11pm at night and then turns off at 12pm the next day. I’ve observed this more than once when I check on it around 10am and the light has already turned off.

What do you think this could be?

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Look in the app under settings and light settings and see what is shows. Also they different stages the plant is in can change the lights too. Mine is now on 18 hours and not 12 like it was.

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The grobo start (little kratky starter) doesn’t have light settings like the full size Grobo and is always on a 13/11 schedule I believe, but I think the issue may be that the power has been going out when this occurs. You have to manually turn on the button if the power goes out and back on. :thinking:


OK I missed it was the Start. :grinning:

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No worries! Maybe in the future they will update it so you can. @Stephen :wink:

It would have to connect to wifi, but maybe in a future model?

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Hey @Exitium,

No plans for that at this point, trying to keep the cost as affordable as possible, but you never know!