Grobo Solid for sale in AZ

Alas…I think it’s time for me to sell my Grobo. 2 completed grows. Nothing against Grobo at all, however I’ve now learned to grow in my tent and have come to love growing in it as I have more control. I will be going to a larger tent for cannabis and use my smaller tent for other DWC grows so it only makes sense to sell the Grobo to someone who will benefit from and use it.

I’ve got 2 unopened bottles each of 3,4 and 5. Slightly used bottles of 1 and 2. As the unit is reaching a year old it would be beneficial to purchase a new ph probe. I’ll also throw in the 15 coco pods I have, outside air pump and 2" air stone that’s in it, my ph probe calibration solutions, mini fans for inside the unit (2 usb powered fans) and my temp and humidity monitor. Also has a new LED stack that was put in around December due to some previous issues so Grobo sent me a new one. Asking $1500 for all of it. PM me with questions.

I can meet up if you’re somewhat local, but if requesting to be shipped…cost is on you.

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