Grobo SALE in Chicago (SOLD)

:groboone:Grobo Premium 4 Sale (Black Friday PRICE $700 ONLY) :fire: :fire: :fire: :arrow_down:

Great learning :books: experience to grow quality :seedling: in the comfort of your home :houses:

Purchased :new: in July 2020. Clean and in excellent condition. The pH probe is maintained and calibrated on a regular basis.

:truck: Pick Up (location near Costco - 2746 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60614)

Zelle payment :moneybag: required

Extras Included:

  • Support racks, pea pod adapter cover, two (2) coco pods, clip on magnifier microscope, and a scrog

  • 1/2 filled bottles of #1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 can be included, if needed

  • full grow support on your 1st grow, if needed

Note: :truck: Delivery service (30 mile radius) potentially available for an additional $300 charge. Grobo requires a $79.99 to set the unit up online with their support. Grobo support is top notch as they are professional and personable.

:star_struck: Priced to SELL for end of year as looking for a good home for my Grobo :groboone:


Great price and I would buy it in a second :grinning: if I could get it.

A lot of people are selling them, just the problem is getting it though. :grinning:

I dont know your location except Chicago, but “maybe” put a few options for it. Are you near the the state border you can meet someone to make its easier? Would you for "$XXXX maybe meet someone halfway or something like that?


4 sure @TheDogMan located @ 2746 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60614 and can meet where it works well for both of us :heavy_dollar_sign:. check out some details above but let’s discuss as it would be great for my :groboone: to have a good home. hit me up as it will be helpful to sell before the end of the year :christmas_tree::slight_smile:


I wish. I just got a 2nd Grobo 2 and trying to get it going this week. That is why, when I see these sales ads, I wish some were closer. I could have paid you half what I just paid for it. :grinning:

It is not the $, it is getting it :grinning:that has always been the problem with the used ones. Your 7-8 hours even halfway with a lunch stop, so its an all nighter or over nighter.


:+1:t4: let me know if your ever up for a :groboone: Grobo Premium road trip :oncoming_automobile: purchase in the future :slight_smile: happy growing grower :seedling:


:moneybag: :arrow_down:

:fire: :heavy_dollar_sign:

:houses: :seedling: :groboone:

:heavy_dollar_sign: 700 :money_with_wings: :star_struck:


:truck: :money_mouth_face:

DELIVERY options are potentially available


I am surprised it has not sold yet. I would, just I have 2 Grobos now and nothing going :grinning:

Time consuming with the holidays, still have a few hours of trimming I can’t get to and waiting on a seed to pop, if it ever does, so I can get going in one.

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you have been the only interest @TheDogMan it’s priced to sell…hopefully before the end of the year…let me know if you have any friends of interest…delivery options available


direct message sent

unit is already cleaned and calibrated but i’ll shine her up again with another recalibration just to ensure her next grow is off on the right foot …

i just ordered a new grobo air stone (and EC calibration solution) for fresh new bubbles that i can include too

i got two in the grobo start right now …one was meant for the grobo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

look forward to hearing back from you


after a FULL cleaning :soap:(dusted, shined, alcohol, vinegar, peroxide, pH probe, Ec probe, etc) and calibration…my :groboone: was SOLD to a good home :blush:

look forward to having another grower get started with GROBO

thank you :pray:t3: GROBO for teaching me how to grow quality hydroponics in the comfort of my own :houses: