GROBO Reusable Filter

For those that don’t care about the smell, how about a reusable / washable, maybe electrostatic, filter option.

Honestly if you don’t care about smell, remove the carbon filter completely, it does nothing for your grow other than a small reduction in smell. With it removed, your ventilation will improve and temperature inside the box will lower by a couple degrees.


Good to know…

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I’m looking for dust protection

In that case just use these magnetic fan covers to cover your intake fans (from the exterior), stopping any dust from entering the unit in the first place. No one likes dusty nugs…

SilverStone Technology SST-FF143B-3Pk 140mm Ultra Fine Fan Filter with Magnet Cooling, Compatible with Most 140mm Fans or Vents


Oooh nice find! My PC has one of these on the top fan facing upwards. Wouldn’t be a bad idea just to have these honestly. I have two cats ><


@SWSVIC thanks

I have two labradors, these are a must with pets!