Grobo Premium For Sale in MA

Beautiful condition with three successful grows under its belt. This machine has helped me learn a lot about growing cannabis but I have decided to go down the organic route with my growing. I have 3 full sets of nutrients (15 bottles total) that I will be including and I will also throw in the small water chiller that I use to keep my res at a perfect 65 degrees.

It is only available for pickup and I am selling it for $1,000. Price is nonnegotiable, as we all know they go for $2,300 new so a $1,200 discount is as generous as I am willing to be. Cash or Venmo only.
I live in Lowell, MA and drive a small car so I can’t even get it closer to you but if you live close, you are in luck. Hit me up!

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I am interested in the box you have. Can you send me pictures?

Hey @DRaider Sure. I’m traveling right now but will be home on Monday and will shoot you some pics.

Hey @DRaider ,

Here you go. It is in great condition. There is a scratch on the front that came from the manufacturer like that but it never bothered me. I have both lids, the cocoa one and the Start lid and they are both included. One picture has the little water chiller in it that works well if you want it.

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