Grobo Owners - What's your Average Yield?

This question is for those who own a Grobo, what is your average yield for Cannabis?

Also what was your best yield? What did you do specifically to get a better yield?

Having a hard time deciding if I want one as what I’ve been reading suggests that it produces about an Ounce. I can go through an ounce within 2 weeks. So I would want to have a machine that can produce 4+ ounces per grow at least. That way I can always have medicine between grows. As well, I think the grobo can only grow one plant… I use various strains of medicine depending on what I need it for. So the idea of just one strain definitely makes the Grobo less appealing.


Hey @theactor19 I haven’t harvested my first grow yet, but if you do a quick search on the site, I’m seeing that people are getting about 2oz dried weight. If you look Here Grobo team states an avg of about 6oz/yr. it would likely depend on recipes and how long each one is until harvest.
I’m going to be harvesting next week, I’ll be sure to post dry yield!


Hey bud. Average so far is over 2 oz plus. Some higher for more experienced growers


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Stephen : The Sweet tooth was not an auto and the yield was 42 grams. It was topped a couple times. The Lemon Thai yield was 58 grams.