Grobo on Amazon

There is review on Amazon and it’s talking so much crap about grobo. This person clearly doesn’t own a grobo. I don’t believe in giving false reviews or trying to damage a brand. I think us actual owners should post a review on Amazon giving factual reviews. I’ve already submitted mines.


Good call. What’s the link? I’ll submit a review as well.

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Grobo Amazon Heres the link you can see my review its live.


Hey @Mcmanis and @SterlingNico thank you so much for your positive review. You’re awesome, seeing posts like this really does prove that we have an AMAZING community here at AllGrowers. For any other AllGrowers users that feel like giving us a review I’ve given some directions to do so below. We really do appreciate your help. :seedling::green_heart:

Here’s how

Step 1
Click on this link if you live in USA
Click on this link if you live in Canada

Step 2
Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’ll see some reviews and a button that says “Write a Customer Review”

Step 3
Click on “Write a Customer Review”

Step 4
Tell Amazon why you think Grobo is Awesome

Step 5
Pat yourself on the back. You just did a really great thing. It helps us a lot.