Grobo not filling

Hey Everyone, just got my Grobo last night and am finally getting around to setting up for my first grow. Everything on the unit looks as it should (I think!) but I cannot get the unit to fill with water. When I arrive at that step in the setup, put the hose into my bucket of water and press “Start Fill”, I can hear the pump turn on and it creates bubbles in the bucket but no water is being sucked into the tank.

Any suggestions?


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Hey @Fanleaves

Welcome to AG. soundls like a hose or connection came loose in shipping. Send a email ticket to

Hopefully someone who has had this issue can chime in before Monday.

I had this issue but @chris_barfield helped me walk through this issue…unfortunately I can’t remember what we did to get it work so hopefully Chris can chime in and help

I would hop on FaceTime but I’m at a baby shower

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Check and see if your connected to WiFi… then if your unit is connected check and see if your phone is connected to the same WiFi example being grobo uses 2.4ghz but your phone or tablet can use 5ghz … so your phone might be on 5 ghz and grobo on 2.4ghz so connect your device that uses the app to the 2.4ghz … that’s what was wrong with @JonnyBlaze unit

Thanks guys! It seems like my WiFi connection is fine as I have no issue controlling the grobo with my phone.
The light in the unit turns green as it’s supposed to when I press “Start Fill”, the pump turns on and it blows bubbles into the bucket—-just no suction


That sounds like your unit thinks it’s trying to drain. Try draining and letting the light go back to white then try and fill ?

My unit got caught in a loop like that … i did that and it worked…

If not try unplugging for 1 minute and then restarting the process

Hi @Fanleaves emailing support is probably your best bet right now. If your air bubbler is going on then it’s not going into fill mode for some reason (the bubbles should only start when a drain or a fill is done)



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Did this topic get resolved?.. :thinking:

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Hi @Fanleaves, I can see the ticket has arrived through support, thanks! My hunch is that the pumps have been plugged in backwards. Simple fix that support will walk you through. Welcome aboard!!