Grobo needs to be updated in many points!


I have bought my Grobo Premium last month. I was very happy as i thought i would grow anything i want in my room.

When i started my Grobo I was extremely disappointed as Grobo makes extremely annoying noise! Then i have decided to upgrade the noisy items by myself!

When i open the device i found that manufacturing quality is very low! Many errors and even i found that manufacturing company was hesitated a lot to put screws into some holes. maybe he saved 1-2 cents!

anyhow i have changed air pump + fans with the silent ones and now i could have reduced the noise levels around %75. To make it %100 quite i need more space to work and need to design the device from the beginning.

Current Grobo can’t stay in your room ! you will get crazy with the annoying zzzzzzz noises!

Second thing is that we can’t check the temperature and Ph sensor levels on the App! It should be written for our reference!

You must definitely upgrade it. You should make the Grobo %100 quite!

It is %100000 possible to make it.

Hope you can take this feedback seriously.

Hey @jan_bb,

I have had 2 grobos and they both ran quiet. I have a small refrigerator in the same room that makes 3 times more noise. You have the ability to open Support tickets and the Grobo team will help you out. If you had a noisy fan, they would have walked you through the replacement or sent you a new unit all together.

The air pump can be noisy but they can actually adjust it down from their side but if they couldn’t fix it, again they would have replaced it all together.

I understand that the Grobo has its challenges but these are minor in my opinion and could have been corrected through the grobo Support Team. Now with that being said, yes the unit should have arrived in perfect condition and not running loud.



thanks for the reply. Well noted that you are not having such problem. It is not that easy for us to return and ask for new parts all the time.

I have fully opened my Grobo and inspected by myself and found production quality very poor. This is great concept and product but definitely needs to be improved in many points.