Grobo lights [ Resolved ]

I have been seeing my grobo Light going off at random? and the team at grobo tells me its over heat issue???not so it is 73-77 deg in grobo and 74 in room and 34% hum in grobo… do not no why she keeps shutting down and grobo said they would replace fan? but I do not think the fans the issue? any one had this issue.


The light itself is likely overheating and shutting down. It might have come loose in transit or is about to die.




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Never heard of this problem before! I hope you continue to work with support on it and let us know exactly what went wrong, I’m sure they will get to the bottom of it with your cooperation! Keep us posted! :eyes::seedling: and remember that it sometimes takes the process of elimination to get to the root of things, so try whatever they ask because they do stand by their products!


They did fix the problem/ had to switch out fan,(they walked me thur) with lots of clear pictures on how to do it. been working fine since then. :smile:


So glad to hear everything worked out for you! :eyes::seedling:

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getting down to last 2 weeks of flowering and getting a little nerves, all the bud sites on top are changing colors,? but the ones on the bottom (not receiving as much light are still (white)? should I wait till all turn before I shut down or wait? any help would be appreciated… thanks. and I think the next grow would be a name brand instead of a generic grow, as it may be better for a controlled recipe? just a thought

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If u have another place to dry u can cut down the parts that are done :white_check_mark: an let the rest finish up :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


If you wait till the bottom catches up your tops won’t be any good!
Use @Choppo0816 advice if you wanna keep growing the bottons out or when the tops are ripe take down the whole plant and use anything that’s not ripe for edibles.
Supercrop the tops out of the way, I usually part down the middle and line the tops up against the wall with supports.
Maybe lollipop more on your next grow to combat this issue in the future. :eyes::seedling:

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