Grobo Just rebooted I guess?

Grobo did something where the light went orange and then regular and now the grow light is off. It’s 9:35. It should not be off till 12am. WiFi light has a slow pulsing blue light. Everything seems to still be running. Is it confused because I made it go back from transition yesterday?

Going to cycle power


No bubbles… I’m Screwed

Where are you on your grow.

Late Veg. But just super cropped yesterday

Late Veg, Super cropped yesterday and trimmed some today. She was looking healthy all day tho.


((troubleshoot)): ((#WiFi)):

unplug the unit: wait a 1 minute: Plug back in:–Wait for the reboot to take place: If it doesn’t connect in 5 minutes then try to get it back on through the (settings/Reconnect to WiFi) on your (Login | Grobo App | Automated Home Hydroponic Grow System): ((Set Your Grobo To Listen For Wifi)): If this fails:

((#Ticket)): :ticket::tickets:




Just your air pump. You can install an external one, and take the hose off the internal and connect it to the external, problem solved

Hey @Osage which size aquarium air pump would be best to have on hand as a spare in a situation like this?

Use your best guess. I have two kinds. Little stones and a bigger one. I think I spent like 12$ for them

I use this one:

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Thank you

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Back up and running. I thought the u it old loose WiFi signal and keep running. Surely this exapensive box does not just shut down and wait for WiFi to get back on track. So disappointed in this…

Even more disappointed that support did not even respond to the ticket I sent in.

Thanks to everyone that did respond

Hope 12+ hours of darkness does not hurt anything

Hey Alex,

I saw the ticket you put into support last night at 11pm and I responded before 10am this morning. Did you not see my response? Maybe check your spam folder?


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It was in spam. Glad to know you did respond. Unit is back up on WiFi if you want to look at it. Seemed to just cycle power by its self last night around 9:30 central time and stayed dark until WiFi reconnected recently. Thanks

Awesome, I’ll take a peek now and respond through our support email thread.