Grobo Jalapeño

So I’ve decided that I enjoy growing cannabis in a tent over the Grobo. I enjoy having the control over everything vs pretty much nothing. For that reason I’ve decided to grow jalapeños in the Grobo as I enjoy me some pickled jalapeño slices. Currently waiting for my Grobo to finish my CBD Critical Mass. Started the jalapeño in my aerogarden and she’s 11 days old. Once I harvest the Critical Mass it’ll get transferred into the Grobo.


I Feel This Decision!!
Might Have To Do This!!
My Grobo Is Sitting Empty Right Now, Cuz We Moving In 2 Months And Can’t See Starting A Grow… Peppers Tho!! Forgot You Can Grow More Than Weed!!


The pepper recipe is 200+ days so keep that in mind. Not sure if they count on the season or are more like an auto where they fruit when they want to…guess I’ll find out :rofl:.