Grobo is down... need help!

I was doing a water change this morning and the drain wouldn’t turn off and drained the entire tank. I paused the app to stop it and poured the water in manually… I noticed the light was different so I did an unplug / plug to get it restarted and now it is hard down with nothing working.
To make it worst, I’m on day 15 of flower so it’s kinda urgent and could use some help from the community as support is off until the morning.
Thanks in advance.

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try another power cycle for 60 seconds. Ive had the same thing happen previously. sometimes it takes a couple resets. Dont ever fill manually, you dont get PH corrections or nutrient dispensing. Id re drain and re fill


Ok. That did the trick and I’m back on with the power. I’ll run another water change and thanks for the advice.
I will keep an eye on it tonight and be kind to the weed gods and hope for the best :slight_smile:


Hey @hadooj,

Took a quick peek, but your unit is reporting offline right now. I’m guessing due to the power cycle, lol. You should be back on track once it comes back online.

To clarify the drain process a bit…

  1. The unit will continue to run for 30-45 seconds after the bottom water level has dropped. Often users will think something is wrong, just hang tight and it will stop.
  2. Filling while the unit is in pause/drain isn’t great as the unit won’t register a successful drain/fill and will not dispense nutes correctly.

@Todd.grobo’s advice is great, a quick drain/fill with the same water and you should be good to go!



Thanks ToddNYC. This was definitely something wrong as it was just going for a couple of minutes and it’s never done that before.
I was able to get it back online and just did another drain and it acted up a bit but finally shut off like you are saying. I’m doing a fill now so can’t thank the community enough for the quick response here.
I’ll keep a ticket open so support can monitor but kind words to the weed gods may have worked!!!


I meant thanks Stephan as well


So if u put the machine on pause while u drain an fill u run :running_man: a risk of the machine not reading :open_book: it correct :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Hey @Choppo0816,

Pause should work just fine, it seems that there is an issue with power cycle when drain is still in progress, then trying to fill too quickly. The software team has it on their list to try and recreate this bug so they can squash it for good.

Let us know if you have any other issues over at and we will assist.



Ok :ok_hand:t3: that’s really gd I thought :thought_balloon: it was just my unit but now that’s refreshing to know that is an actual problem use are working on appreciate the response thanks :blush::+1:t2::dash::seedling: