Grobo is coming, which room to use, how much water?

Hey guys, sort of new user. I am getting this for someone that is off grid and making a little to order it and set it up for him. I have 3 main questions before it comes.

He has 2 areas I can use, small 5x8 pantry off the kitchen and there is no door. Also a section of the basement maybe 12x20. The pantry would be easier to monitor and take care of it, the basement is more private of course. If I put this in the pantry, does it make enough noise, heat and what not people in the kitchen would notice?

Also I am getting distilled water. Is 5 gallons enough to fill this, I was going to get 10 gallons so enough for a little bit.

How maintenance free really is this as he is old school 60’s stoner :> and I think it might be me handling a lot of it. He has no problem shelling out bucks for help so is this easy to take care of, just drain and fill now and then or ???


Welcome to the club :slight_smile:

There is a good chance you will choose to place it in the basement as the Grobo is a little noisier than you would wish in order to have it where you live, especially if you want it to go unnoticed

Your Grobo will roughly take 3 gallons of water a week, more at the end during flower stage. During flower period, you will have to refill water during the week (it will run out if you don’t, and the plant will cleary not enjoy)
It will also take more nutriments during that period. I recommend you order extra bottle number 3, 4 and 5 as you will probably run out before this first grow.

It is relatively easy to maintain. You will have to drain and fill every week, one time a week. This is where you dump your old water (i then use it for my other plants in the house) and replace it by fresh distilled water. Your Grobo will then, and only then, dispense nutriments (bottle 3, 4 and 5). Ph is monitored 24/7, nutriments are only dispensed after a drain and fill.

The only other maintenance you will have to do is to cut out some leaves occasionally if you grow a photoperiod. Auto are a little more maintenance free but you have less control over them

Growers usually add a little extra fan inside

For the smell, Ona is really your friend


Well said @Ben.

My one question would be @TheDogMan since you say he lives “off grid.” Is he so off grid that he doesn’t have internet…especially WiFi?


Thanks, that helps a lot. I will mention getting more stuff like you said, I see a kit with shears and other things on the site.

The basement sounds like it might be best, but the steps going down are not the greatest, so I hope this is not to heavy as I will be doing it myself. He is 70 or so and had heart surgery so not much help. :smiley:

Thanks I am sure I will have questions once we get started.


He has something, I am not sure it is on 24/7 and not the fastest. I was going to set it up on my iPhone and not sure it needs 24/7 wifi or just for the setup and choosing what your growing.

If it needs 24/7 wifi, I am sure he will do something, as long as this does not use a lot of data.

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Not sure about the data usage, but the unit does require 24/7 internet connection to operate and that can only be done through wifi at this point. Just wanted to make sure you were aware.


Thanks for that. I am still here in the forum reading and plan to talk to him later about it.

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I talked to him and we just ordered the pro kit and 2 extra air stones. He is using a cellular 4g wifi hotspot and said he can leave it on 24/7 if he has to. Not sure if that is good enough as kinda slow, but guess we will find out unless someone from Grobo says it will be to slow.

@Stephen @GroboJulia @Todd.grobo should be able to help with that!


The unit is almost 100 pounds, please get help for moving up or downstairs. I moved mine up the stairs myself and it was not a pleasant experience and I am not a super bulky/buff guy. My concern would be your friend having access to the water he doesn’t have to carry up or down the stairs at 60+ years old.
You do need a constant internet connection and if you are running off of a wifi hotspot, will use about a gig of data a year. We can review connectivity once it’s set up.


Thanks. I could not reply until today, it said I was new and posted a lot :smiley: and to wait until the next day.

I went over there and looked at the basement and we picked an area, but it would have to run off an extension cord. He has a big thick yellow contractor type cord, not the thin normal cords like many use. Hope this will work, not sure how much draw the Grobo has.

We do have other options, if internet and extension cords are not good.


I have 10 gallons distilled water, so gettting there. All I need is the Grobo and seeds. :laughing:

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Please see our Knowledge Base article [HERE] regarding power consumption(How much energy does the Grobo use? – Grobo Help Center) for your answer. Check out the other articles for more information.


Thanks a lot of good info there. I missed it before. I didn’t know the door locked, I was thinking about how we could do it, but it has it. :grinning:

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Does it take long for the Grobos to ship? I have 10 gallons distilled water, my Pro Kit came with the extra nutrients, microscope, hanging stuff, cutters and all that. Two extra air stones and Hydroguard came. Seeds are coming any time, just need the Grobo now. :smiley:

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It should not be to long, mine was also delivered in 2 shots

Ours is out for delivery so mostly ready. I have some White Widow seeds already and ordered some Skunk #1. We were hoping Skunk to be our first grow, but the seed place sent an email 10-14 days maybe and we don’t want to wait being the Grobo is coming today. So looks like White Widow will be our first try. :grinning: Probably won’t start the grow until tomorrow though, maybe just unbox and set it up today.

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Cool, just let us know if you have any problem

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It looks like a round screen piece about 3 inches long came off one of the hoses. I know I saw somewhere here before which hose to attach it, one of the black ones, not sure which.

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It’s the longer one in the reservoir. If they look the same length you can fill the res and see which hose the water comes out. Put the screen on the other hose.