Grobo grow “schedule” question

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Quick question for those that have more experience and grow outside of a Grobo. When it comes to the “transition” (light shifts to 12/12) part of the Grobo schedule, would you typically just call this “flowering” in your indoor tent set up? If so, week 1 of flower on the Grobo schedule, would actually be week 3 of flower in a standard tent schedule, is that correct? I am trying to determine my schedule for additives and defoliation and want to make sure I have this right. Thanks in advance!


Day 1 is when you flip 12/12


Appreciate it brother, conducting water change tomorrow (day 10 of Transition) going to introduce Bud Candy into the regime. You recommend 1/4 or 1/2 strength for Grobo?

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Yeah most breeders info is based on the the flip date.

On second thought, I will also be introducing Big Bud to the regime as it instructs you to use it weeks 2-4 of the bloom phase. My mixture will be as follows (In order):

  1. Distilled Water - 3 Gal
  2. Rhino Skin - 11mL
  3. Hydroguard - 6mL
  4. Bud Candy - (Not sure on 1/4 or 1/2 strength please advise)
  5. Big Bud - (Not sure on 1/4 or 1/2 strength please advise)
  6. Grobo nutrients & cal/mag - (per Grobo recipe)
  7. Grobo pH - (per Grobo pH reading)
  8. Mammoth P - 0.6mL

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Do you guys see any issues with this schedule? Any negative interaction risks? Any other advice you feel I need to be aware of given the information above? Thanks again :pray:


Yes … your order is wrong … should be

Silica , calmag, base nutrienTs, then additives, then hydrogaurd

So in essence you have to add silica when putting into the grobo wait for it to dispense calmag and base nutrients then add everything else


And bud candy again doesn’t feed the plants carbs … cannabis plants can’t absorb carbohydrates through the root zone they can only make them
… so in essence your feeding the microbes in the water… but with that being said you need to be careful adding too much or they won’t for the plant and just feed off the bud candy … in my
Opinion I wouldNt use it If your not running a bunch of beneficials


Your the man brother, appreciate it big time. I devised a way to inject additives through the plumbing hooked up to my water chiller. Will easily be able to add them after Grobo does it’s thing. You see any reason to let the Rhino Skin “settle” in the water before filling the Grobo, or can I just mix it in and fill immediately?

I’ll drop the Bud Candy. As far as Big Bud, should I start with 1/4 or 1/2 strength? Only use it for 2 weeks would like to be sure I’m using enough for it to have effect but don’t want to risk harming the plant by using to much.

Silica is a very different additive even though it’s found in everything … depending on which version mono or otherwise it can be very fragile and hostile towards other elements in your nutrients you need to let silica bond with the water before any other nutrient to avoid chemical reactions


Is 1 hour sufficient?

Yea that’s what people say I atleast let it sit for about 20

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Thank you my dude, can’t tell you how much I appreciate the education :facepunch:

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I got to this a bit late but see you already got the good scoop from chris.

The only thing I’d add is that using silica too far into bloom can (supposedly) make the buds really hard, and some people say it also burns differently (more “hot” than when less silica is used) due to that. I’ve found some truth to that – using it from start to end of a grow does seem to make the buds hard/firmer but it also resulted in the ash being super-white every time (after combusting) so I’m not really sure if that’s a bad or good thing.

I’ve been cutting the silica after the first week of flowering lately but might try reintroducing it in smaller quantities throughout bloom to see if I can tune that firming/burn effect.


Very good intel as well, thank you! Was planning on cutting it between weeks 2 and 4 of flower. @Osage recommended running it through week 4. Bottle says cut it at week 2.

@vegetato are you running Big Bud or a similar product during bloom?

I just tried big bud on this past grow, can’t really comment much about it yet except to say it’s easy to use too much, and that in a smaller reservoir (such as ours) it’s better to use too little than too much. If you’re starting with 1/4 strength that should be good but don’t be surprised if even that’s too much.

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Copy that, will move forward with 1/4 dosage. Thank you again.

Rhino skin=silica
Big bud is ? Carbs?
I have never used advanced nutrients…

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Per Advanced Nutrients: “The bottom line is that ascorbic acid, citric acid, all 20 L-form amino acids, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium are found in the correct ratios in the easy to use liquid bud potentiator created by our scientists. It’s called Big Bud®“