Grobo Getting Started


I just ordered my grobo and wanna prepare anything to get started as soon as I get it :stuck_out_tongue:
So I would like to ask some questions

  • I read that it’s recommended to use destillated water, is it much different if I use normal water? Or is destillated much better?

  • Is there a way to make the unit more quiet? I heard and read a lot about issues with the noise. I would like to put it in my living room but if its too loud I will have to prepare a different place
    and are there more “issues” and already known workarounds for that?

  • Should I get something else for my grows? like garden scissors, a bucket for water and stuff like that? (already got this one but maybe there is more)

  • getting a seed or a saplings. Currently I think about getting a sapling for my first grow, because the grow shops are still selling some (arould 40cm), or is it better to start from seed because the environment change could make some issues?

Maybe also some stuff that I forgot

Thanks already!


You can use Tap water but RO or distilled would be better

The only part that makes noise is the air pump some AG members replaced it with a quieter model

Yes your going to need a fine tipped scissor. also you will need a pale or bucket to do a water change

I think for your first grow you would be better to start with a seed


Thanks for your Answers! <3

I’m probably going to use Tap water, because getting Destillated water into my Apartment seems like pain for me :smiley:

So I will probably have to replace the air pump. Thanks!
Saw some videos, but they still had a notable noise, not as loud as before the change but still.
I want to place it in my Living Room or Bed Room but people will instantly notice the noise and at that Point I could directly get a Tent/Box and place it in my wardrobe :confused:


I might wait and see what you think before buying anything. I thought mine was loud, others say theirs was fine. So no telling what you will think :grinning: until you hear it. More than the noise are all the light leaks if your going to put it in a main room. It is going to light up the place some as the back is about a 10/20 watt bulb on “almost” with the light leaks out the fans.

The only thing we bought extra was a Grobo deluxe kit with extra nutrient bottles, pod, filter and it also had snips and some wires to hang things. FWIW, your going to need a 2nd batch of nutrients for the grow, so we got the deluxe kit with the extras.

Also some Hydroguard maybe if you dont want to have to worry about the water temperature.


I think it’s no louder than a mini fridge I have mine 4 feet away from the bed lol . If you are a light sleeper depending on which you bought the light will bother some people early in the morning… might want to get some mini fans but not necessary for extra air and to dry the coco pod if it’s to wet … depending how your temps are in the house or room might want to buy some hydroguard to keep the roots fresh and no root rot if the water get to warm … bucket to drain and fill distilled water is best or RO I get mine from store 65 cents a gallon. I think that’s it for now as a starter once you get into it more you’ll will see what you need learn as you go and like always you have the grobo team to help out also the forum everyone will help if needed other than that happy growing


Hey Amazon has plenty of ro water filter systems. In my experience it’s the best water you can use in the Grobo. I tried tap water and the ph levels are way off so bottles no.1and no.2 of the nutrients get use fast. Distilled water was okay but still used 1 and 2. Once I switched to ro I don’t even remember the last time I replaced 1 and 2. Currently drying laughing Buddha.