Grobo for sale!

Make an offer…like new condition, located in midwest. I am interested to see if anyone would like to buy a used grobo. With them making it very clear that we will never see any of the sensor data and me getting a new setup I really don’t see me using the grobo anymore after this grow finishes. I really like the unit and it taught me a lot about growing and was great to follow the schedule a few time and watch the life cycle of some grows, but for more experienced growers the information provided just isn’t enough.


Please add your location, status of condition, and shipping preference!



Which grobo unit is it and how much?

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Not sure how to tell which unit. It was purchased in January 2020. Where are you located? Would like to know what shipping would be. I would definitely work out a fair price.

Yes I’m interested if you can send me photos and a price.

And I’m near Boston Ma for shipping info.

In FL…also interested.

The premium unit has a window & the solid does not.


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@CM1266 It’s a premium. It has the liquid glass

Does it work okay? Any issues and How much do you want? I will take it if the price is right… I sent you a PM as well.