Grobo for Sale - Vermont

After only 1 successful grow out of more than 7 attempts I have decided to sell my Grobo. The machine was purchased back in May and has 1 successful grow.

I will include the nutrients that I have left, I believe that I have a new set of 3, 4, and 5. I don’t have any coco pods.

I live in Vermont not to far from Burlington and Montpelier. I will not be shipping the Grobo anywhere, so if you are interested and live in my general vicinity you’d be welcome to come pick it up. If it doesn’t sell I am probably going to throw it into storage to collect dust.

Not set on a price yet.


I’m not interested in a purchase…besides, I live in Colorado. But - price? And you don’t mention why 6 out of 7 Grows were unsuccessful. Were the plants too monstrous in size, for the Grobo? I’m curious about the Grobo…it looks to me that only the smallest strains would thrive in there. I’m having the same problem with my 2x2x4 ft tent…too small!

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