Grobo for Sale in PHX

Hello fellow growers!

I have a grobo premium for sale that I’ve conducted 3 grows in without any issues! Looking to sell the unit for $1000 if you can come pick it up. I am in the Phoenix area and am willing to meet in surrounding areas. I have extra coco pods, 2 additional carbon filters, and extra bottles of 1&2 nutrients. Nutrients 1-5 in the unit are about 3/4 full. Let me know if you are interested and have a great day :smiley:

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Reason I’m selling is because I’m downsizing and don’t have much space for the unit anymore but have had some wonderful grows and will miss the grobo family

How much would be shipping to florida? Can you find out? I’m interested.


I will check for you


I am in Los Angeles and can make the drive to you if you are interested in selling for $500 cash.