Grobo for sale (Canada)

In great shape Grobo Premium 1 yr old. (Niagara Falls)

1500 Canadian must pick up.

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Hello there! I’m definitely interested in your unit but I would not be able to cross the border to pick it up until the border restrictions are lifted during the phased reopening. Also would you take US$1000 that would equal 1,236.29 CAD?

Yes I would take 1200 CAD

Awesome. Let me do some research on when the border is opening to see if I can wait or if I need to order a new unit. Please email some pictures and we can exchange phone numbers (if you are comfortable with that, I am a private person and don’t want my phone number on display, lol).

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Monday that Canada’s phased border reopening will begin July 5 at 11:59 p.m. EDT for fully vaccinated citizens, residents and other eligible individuals. Fully vaccinated Canadians will be exempt from a 14-day quarantine upon arrival in the country, while Phase 1 will continue to restrict entry to foreign nationals, unless they already meet an exemption in previous border restrictions, as well as maintaining pre- and on arrival. Canada wants 75% fully vaccinated before non essential travel - they are currently at 20%. It’s going to be forever, but I will definitely keep you in mind. I really really need it and want it lol.

Let us know if a sale completes so we can close this post and you won’t get anymore inquiries once the post is closed! :eyes::seedling:


Hello Ash and Bpltinum9. I apologize Ash as it sincerely looks like it will be months and months before even phase 2 or three comes around for re-opening the border for me to come and get the machine. Right now I am going to pass but will keep a lookout for this same post when the border does reopen. I just don’t want you to hold it for me or pass on a different offer when you have another opportunity. Thank you for replying and accepting my counter offer. I do look forward to meeting with you once Covid comes down in Canada! One of my absolute favorite countries in the whole world!! :partying_face: Please stay safe!

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Reach out when the borders get back to normal. If it is still available … we can meet up

Thank you again Ash!

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If interested $500 Canadian.