Grobo Firmware Updates: Comments

This thread is for comments and questions about the firmware updates posted in Grobo Firmware Update Thread.






Just to clarify…

What do you mean when you say do not use your unit?

Do not use your unit, or restart your unit during this time.


Does question #1 also include the shift schedule during lights out or do you mean just when wifi is dropped?

1. User LED brightness now dims when the grow lights switch off, and returns to full intensity when grow lights are on.


When does the 9.0.0 update take effect?

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Is there anything with the update that would cause my wifi to disconnect consistently ? I also haven’t been able to get my lights to turn back on despite 4 resets now. The only way they come on is when I press the button in rear.

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I had to go to Settings → Change light settings → Save to get my lights back on. You don’t need to actually change anything btw.


Winner! Not sure why the wifi started to disconnect repeatedly since the update, but at least the lights are back on. Thanks!


I have been having wifi disconnection problems too since latest update

Hey All,

If you are seeing any WiFi issues after the flash please reboot your unit. If it’s still giving you a hard time then try reconnecting to WiFi through your settings, and if that doesn’t work reach out to customer support

The update was rolled out yesterday, but if your unit was offline then it will retry again today, tomorrow, and for another few weeks.

By “use” your unit we mean anything that can change the state of the device itself. That includes things, but are not limited to: pressing the button on the unit, drain and fills, shifting schedules, deleting a schedule, changing light settings, etc.

Hope that helps,



I have done this a couple of times myself too and everything went back to normal. Haven’t done it In a while now.

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But my larger issue is that my lights no longer function automatically as they should. This is the second day I’ve woken up to a black box. I’ve spent just under 6 months with this grow, and I hate having these issues now. I’m hoping whatever is wrong can be resolved. 9/10 attempts to reconnect the unit to wifi are unsuccessful, and I can connect to the networks with many other devices in the same spot at grobo. Even when the green indicator light is present. The grobo network is not always visible until after many reboots. Only saving grace is I’m at home right now to be able to constantly check on the unit.

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Me too, but I haven’t had connectivity issues like Nathan is describing. Just lights not turning on automatically after rebooting.

Yeah put in a support ticket asap if you haven’t already so that you don’t lose all that time and hard work.

This morning after I used my phone’s hotspot finally I was able to connect after a few attempts. Ill try a booster but since signals the box can receive of the networks fluctuate pretty heavily from what I saw during the hard hard reset. I can’t leave my phone connected all the time though, so until this functions again properly I’ll have to make it work for this grow.

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What network are you using because Grobo isn’t compatible with 5G I think it is.


Let me verify, I didnt make any changes but let me make sure I dont have a 5G network broadcasting. Good call!

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@Nathan, there’s a feature in the app now that when you try to connect to a network it shows you the signal strength relative to the Grobo itself. How many bars is your home network showing when you try to reconnect the Grobo?

Side question: did your unit have an antenna in it? (This was part of the “WiFi Antenna Beta”)



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I’ve had this issue too! Just started two days ago.

I had to do this several times as well.

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@Chris . I don’t think I have an antenna no, my phone networks on the grobo register the very last line of signal at times then peaks just before the top at best. My phone as a hotspot next to the unit fluctuated a bit as well but connected. When I had 3 indicators of signal strength I still wasn’t able to connect. Once a connection fails I have to perform the hard resets.

Hey guys,

I’ve been having several issues with my grobo such as wifi disconnecting on its own, not being able to reconnect, pump problems and so fourth.

Now I’m at the point where i tried to update, left the machine in for 1h 10 minutes after the purple light was gone, reset machine, reset modem. Cannot reconnect or get green light, even tried the reset button, a bunch of different combinations. I’m very discouraged!

Please help,