Grobo Cyber Monday Sale

What is the Grobo Sale for Cyber Monday?

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Here is the email I got today.

I believe same price as usual but you get this. Which is awesome because I ended buying each thing individually which cost way more than free.

Just press the button add to cart and don’t look back :yum:


So, I receive an email teasing the Cyber Monday Sale last week. This morning I wake up to an email from 4 AM stating the sale is on and you get a free pro kit on order. I have coffee, then walk into my office to order. No more sale. The sale was between 4 am and 9 am PST. What? Very Disappointed.

I noticed the link doesn’t have the information on the site but here is a picture of the email I have.

It clearly states 11:59 pm EST. The items will be automatically added upon check out.

Hope this helps.

Edit: Also the Grobo team is excellent. They have been nothing but helpful with my experience thus far. I’m certain that this sale will be honoured up until the dead line tonight.

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I tried the order and the deal was not placed in the cart. Haven’t heard back from Grobo yet, but I suspect they entered 11:59 AM ratter than 11:59 PM when setting the deal on their web site.

Hey @MonkeyRips,

I know @GroboJason has responded to this ticket, but I can respond here too. The sale is on until midnight tonight, Eastern Standard time. Testing on our side still seems to work, but regardless, we will ensure you get the kit included if you order today.

Welcome to our growing family!


All was taken care of nicely. Thanks for the attentive support.