Grobo complications [RESOLVED]

Slow or fast blue?

Fast blue then pulsing violet/pink

And my lights inside doesn’t come on only the initial turn on reaction when you power up the unit.

So the internal lights should come on during boot up, but if you don’t have a recipe started, they won’t stay on. The pink/violet light has me confused. Only thing I can think is to hold the button on the back for 8-10 seconds to see if it allows you to enter pairing mode, light will turn green. After that, I’m stumped.

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Just came on! :weary:

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No that’s a blinking blue light again. :disappointed_relieved:



Try this.

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No reaction at all!

@Todd.grobo @SilverGrobo @SWSVIC

Any thoughts?


Wait…how did you get your door open if the button doesn’t do anything and you can’t connect via the app?

It was stuck last night and when I unplug the unit to bring closer to the router for the last time the door open. I’m not closing the door all the way from the fear of becoming stuck again.

I don’t see anything not connected from the vent on the back panel.

Now that the pink/violet has stopped you could try one last power cycle. If that doesn’t work, that’s all I’ve got. Maybe someone else can chime in but you may have to wait for your call with support.

If it’s pulsing dark blue its because your door is unlocked.

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How old is your Comtrend WiFi? Has the firmware in your Comtrend been updated recently? If not you should see if there are any updates for it. Did your Grobo come with the newer WiFi antenna?

No, the blue light was flashing fast not pulsing. I just got it in August. No update is needed to my wifi. I still have my computer connected to my wifi with no problems or interruptions. I am the only person using my wifi. My Grobo came yesterday and it did not come with an antenna.