Grobo complications [RESOLVED]

Hi Mookie, without wifi connected you wont be able to drain or fill, but the button on the back of the top right of the unit while facing it, if held down for 3 secs will manually unlock the front door and you can get your probes in some water.

That’s not working. I’ve done that thousands of times. Before my connection stop working for my grobo i got to the stage of filling my reservoir that’s when it wouldn’t. I’m completely locked out because my button doesn’t seem to be working for anything. I push to help with the reset and that doesn’t work either. I just open my Grobo yesterday and been dealing with all these issues since I open the unit. I’m trying to be optimistic because things could have happened through the process of shipping. I’ve contact everyone under the sun with the grobo team and no one has gotten back to me. I tried setting up a call back appointment and can’t talk to someone till the 14th.

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Here is a quick breakdown of my issues with my grobo:
-Not connecting to wifi

  • Started connecting VIA phone and then the water fill would not suck up from hose
  • Switched to computer, issues continued, Grobo no longer online
  • Flashing blue light → pale pink and back and forth between those 2 colours.
    -completely :lock: out of my unit and button doesn’t respond to open door nor reset my grobo

If you know anyone that can help me please let them know I need help ASAP! My probes are drying out inside my unit.

@Mookie - I’ve shared this with @Dani and @stacey.grobo who will look at the info you’ve posted here and then get back to you via email.


I replied with all the Requested information she asked me. Through the few questions she asked through the email I still have not received a response and it seems that no one on this form could assist me as well. I payed for a working machine $1899 and $450 in UPS shipping! The package from the outside before me opening wasn’t damaging showing me that these defects came in a improperly installed machine. I didn’t pay this much to get it the day of delivery not to work at all. Now, it is just a over priced box with some blinking blue light. I will try taking it a part on my own and fixing what wasn’t done but, before I take on that task I’m giving the grobo company the chance to correct their error. I see everyone that’s happy with your product but at this point I feel I was duped out of my money. I have contacted as many people as I could that’s working with Grobo but, to my dismay only received questions and no answers. I have time stamps to when I placed the order till delivery. I will add pictures here to show no damage was done to the box before I opened the box and the day I received it will match my paperwork. I haven’t taken anything apart yet so my warranty should still stand. I’ve added a picture of my router to show my internet connectivity and I turned off the 5G to only the 2.5.

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Possibly a silly question but…have you tried unplugging and then plugging it back in? Also, which lights are showing and frequency?

The LED light on the front of your Grobo shows the different states that your Grobo One is in. Below you can see what each colour and pattern means for your Grobo:

pink.png Pulsing Pink: Grobo One is booting up, your unit will be ready to start growing soon!

green.png Solid Green: Grobo One is ready to connect to the internet. Follow instructions on how to connect to WiFi.

light_blue.png Pulsing Light Blue: Grobo One is connected to the internet and running as it should be!

light_blue.png Fast Blinking Light Blue: Grobo One has lost connection to the internet. It should reconnect on it’s own in a few minutes. If not, unplug and plug the unit back in to get connected again!

yellow.png Pulsing Orange: Grobo One is growing your plant but it’s lost the internet connection. You’ll only be able to use the Grobo app when your Grobo One reconnects to WiFi.
Otherwise these all look pretty good.

blue.png Pulsing Blue: Grobo One is in a special mode Ex. Filling, draining, door unlocked

red.png Solid Red: Grobo One has a critical error - if this occurs for longer than a few minutes, try resetting your Grobo .

If that does not work, please contact our support team:

purple.png Blinking Purple: Grobo One is flashing new firmware. Firmware is like the brain of your Grobo. We will periodically push updates to your Grobo to better your growing experience, so you don’t need to worry about this one!


This has saved me in the past before!

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Yes, I’ve done so over twenty times with intervals of 30 and 20 seconds. I got mixed views to which to do. I’ve even disconnected my router and restarted my phone and rebooted my computer to try to see if it works to either. No luck!

Your machine may have been doing a firmware update. If you cycled power at anytime during the update you may have corrupted the OS. Fret not, support has fixed this issue several times since I have been on the forums.

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Wow! i wish it came with instructions that may be the issue. I’ve been up over 24hrs trying to fix this and this last time I haven’t disconnect. It’s now just blinking Violet/pink.


There are instructions, step by step in the app.

It’s updating the firmware. Don’t power cycle it.

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I didn’t see any instructions about allowing the firmware to be completed before everyone telling me now.

If it’s purple, firmware is updating…leave it be. If it’s pink, sounds to me like it’s stuck in a boot loop, that’s above my pay grade.


Do you know how long it usually take? If you don’t mind me asking or if anyone knows.

I’ve never noticed mine doing an update, if it even has so I have no idea. I can’t imagine longer than 20-30 minutes.

It’s been this way for awhile now. I can’t tell if it’s pink or Violet lol

Is the air pump on, fans running, lights inside?

Yes, the fans are running not sure about the air pump. Now it’s blinking blue then back to the violet/pink pulsing light.

Slow or fast blue?