Grobo can't deliver

I just got a mail from Bjorn that Grobo can’t deliver my Grobo that i ordered at 2016!!!

this is after they announced on their website that they ship to Israel.

because of that I lost any opportunity to purchase a growing system from other manufacturers such as Seedo or Leaf that I know are shipping worldwide because they are Israelis and I know them personally!!

Grobo team… I must say that you guys are amateurs regarding the manufacturing and marketing and more of all regarding customers relationship.

I’m disappointed I gave my trust in you guys…


The other 2 companies are still pre order. How have you lost your opportunity exactly?


This is not the place to complain. Email them to chat it out

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Seedo is not in pre-order anymore. They raised their price quite a bit.

As of this email Seedo haven’t shipped a single product to any country for that mater. I’m not making excuses for any company but I’m curious why some countries have not been shipped too? Concern the product will be damaged or possibly regulation hurdles?

No idea. Would like to know myself. Just wanted to underline what Gilad said. He trusted in grobo and now the possibility to preorder seedo for a better price ist gone.

If you know them personally why wouldn’t just have ordered it anyway? And if you know why couldn’t they give you that price ?

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Not giving excuses or invalidating your frustrations, but I remember back when I use to work for Apple, (yes, that Apple) we had customers all the time that wanted to send the iPhones to Israel and Saudi Arabia. We weren’t allowed to sell to anyone who expressed that. Apparently international trade laws are a real bitch. I cant imagine the logistics and legalities of getting a a Grobo over there.


I meant to the pre order discount. It is over. Now the prices are over 1600 and more.

I decided to go with Grobo on mid of 2016. I thought their product is more advanced and I thought they will ship very soon to that date. I was wrong and that is all it is. Probably in two years or so I will purchase a system from leaf or seedo cheaper and more developed then now.