Grobo Arrival - day 1 issues [Resolve]

Submitted a ticket to support. Got my grobo unboxed, setup, recipe going and air stone is not producing bubbles. All I hear is a hum from the fan(s).

Really concerning that this is not working OOB.

Anything I can do while I wait for support? I have no intentions of going out to the store to buy an add-on

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Never mind I managed to get the air stone working by powercycling the grobo and reconnecting to WiFi. It is making a loud rattling sound, but I suspect that’s the pump vibrating the metal box and the cables connecting boards and pump which should be an easy fix w/ some tie straps

@Stephen you may disregard my helpdesk ticket


Adjusting the cabling inside the unit moving the cabling onto the other side of the pump resolved the rattling.


Hey @James,

Glad you were able to successfully troubleshoot! I’ve closed your ticket.


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