Grobo App Crash. HELP [RESOLVED]

Woke up today to change my water, like any another week.
However this time while draining the reservoir the app seemed to crash, the gorbo continued to drain until the reservoir was completely empty.

Problem is I currently have an empty reservoir, and I could not logg into the app to continue with the process. I keep getting the same error every-time I refresh the page. Tried signing in through my phone, ipad, and nothing seemed to work. I keep getting the same this same page.


Same here

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Im sure your all over this already


App is acting a little sluggish.

Hey Growers,

Sorry about that, we found the app experienced an outage this morning in the wee hours and fixed it right up as soon as we could. You should be back up and operating normally now. Please contact us at if you are still experiencing issues.


  • ([RESOLVED]):



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