Grobo and mother plants

Hey AG community😁 just have a quick question.
I haven’t noticed this in the forum but,
i was wondering if the grobo has an optional setting for sustaining a Mother plant for doing cloning and if it does how much does it drain on the nutrients ?
This is mostly to satisfy my curiosity while I count down my days until I can get one myself lol even if it doesn’t I still think grobo is amazing and can’t wait to get one😍



mother plants

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Cloning from clone to clone to clone etc



Grobo Team - Horticulturalist

Cannabis - Mother - Generic Perpetual Vegetative Mode 128 Days Cannabis

Want a mother plant recipe for clone production?

The clone will have the exact same characteristics of the mother plant it came from. Clones can be very sensitive and difficult for a beginner to nurture, but they do save time over growing from seed.

To cut a clone off of your plant you will need a glass of water to place the cutting in immediately after removing it from the mother plant, and a razor blade to make a sharp cut. (Some scissors crush the stem) Lollipopping: A Pruning Technique The growth at the bottom of your plant…

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You can also put a ticket in to get a better answer with the Nutrients they will use:




Awesome thanks @SilverGrobo :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: that was perfect, that’s going to be great for when I get more space in the future lol